Volume 12.2 From Planning Practice to Academia (1986)

Editors: Russell Berusch, John DiTullio, Irving Boykins, and Heidi Walter

A digital version of this issue is available here.

From Planning Practice to Academia

Norman Krumholz

A former planning director and university director explores the importance of bridging the gap between theory and practice of planning.

Putting Visual Impact Assessment to Work

Gail Fischman

This article reviews key studies that advance methodologies for incorporating visual impact techniques into an area’s land use planning guidance systems and evaluates these studies in terms of their ability to effectively define, quantify, analyze, and utilize visual resources.

Out of the Closet and Onto the Coast: Aesthetic Zoning as Visual Resource Management

David Blatt

This investigation provides a theoretical defense for broadening and systemizing the application of aesthetic zoning techniques, advancing a recent North Carolina Supreme Court opinion that aesthetics alone is a proper basis for the exercise of police power in coastal communities.

Successful Land Use Planning for Small Towns: A Case Study of Bath, North Carolina

Terry Alford, Dale Downes, and Sarah Woodworth

The town of Bath is presented as a case study in addressing growth problems using the Coastal Area Management Act guidelines, state and federal funds, and active citizen participation.