Volume 2.2 The Coastal Environment (1976)

Editors: John Manuel and Craig Richardson

A digital version of this issue is available here.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the National Flood Insurance Program

Merryl Edelstein

The author assesses the National Flood Insurance program. Incentives created by the insurance end of the program do not always coincide with the program’s intended goals. Her investigation poses questions of importance to jurisdictions enrolled or considering enrollment in NFIP.

A New Hurricane Protection Plan for North Carolina’s Barrier Islands

Craig Richardson

The author evaluates the prospects of future hurricanes along the Carolina coast and actions taken to protect life, property, and the environment. More comprehensive recommendations are made which includes not only a warning, evacuation, and relief activities but preventative measures like building design criteria and land use controls.

Flying into Turbulence: The Raleigh-Durham Airport Expansion Controversy

Charles Pattison

The author examines the history of the battle between the Airport authority and impacted citizen and business interests over the expansion. The author believes that alternative plans are worthy of consideration.

Planning at the Grassroots Level: The Guilford County Citizen Participation Program

Charles Price

The author traces the history behind Guilford County’s effort to develop a broad-based citizen participation program.

Superfarms and the Coastal Environment: An In-Depth Look at a Large-Scale Problem

Mary Joan Manley Pugh

The article assesses the major effects superfarms are likely to have on coastal area’s sensitive ecosystem and compares these impacts with those of alternative uses.

The Site-Value Tax: Its Potential Effect on Urban and County Land Uses in North Carolina

Edwin Chester

The author reviews the theoretical arguments favoring site-value taxation and empirically investigates the effect a change from property tax to site-value taxation would have on various land uses in two North Carolina urban centers and their counties.