Volume 26.1 Preserving Affordable Housing (2001)

Editors: Elizabeth Federico, Kenneth Ho, Amanda Huron, and Robin Zimbler

A digital version of this issue is available here.

Changing Institutional Structures to Improve the Coordination of Land Use and Transportation in the Research Triangle

Robert Schneider

The paper suggests keys for cooperative regional governance structures, evaluates the effectiveness of alternative institutional frameworks in comparison to current decision-making structures, and recommends five institutional changes that could be adopted to improve regional coordination.

Statewide Inclusionary Land Use Laws & Suburban Exclusion

Spencer Cowan

The article discusses the beliefs underlying statewide inclusionary programs to show what aspects of suburban exclusion they are trying to address and the characteristics of five statewide programs to highlight similarities and differences among them.

Local Inclusionary Housing Programs and the Prospects for North Carolina

Lanier Blum

This paper looks at housing affordability in the state, local inclusionary housing programs, models of success, and prospects for inclusionary housing in North Carolina.

The Community Land Trust: Preserving Affordable Housing Stock in Orange County, North Carolina

Sonia Garrison, Christine Westfall, Alison Weiner, and Erin Crossfield

The paper examines traditional solutions, overviews the Community Land Trust model, and its application in Orange County.

A Disaster Relief and Quality Improvement Loan and Grant Program for Childcare Providers

Dan Broun

The author describes the efforts of Self-Help to evaluate the success of financing loans to child-care providers impacted by the flooding of recent North Carolina hurricanes.