Volume  Inaugural Issue (1975)

Editor: Nancy Grden


This first issue of Carolina Planning culminates an intensive year of work done by a number of people. The idea for the publication was developed last summer by several DCRP graduate students, who identified the need for such a publication and felt the students in DCRP could fulfill it. Instrumental in this development were Jim Miller, John Carroll, and Lee Corum, and I would like to thank them for their continuous support and assistance throughout this past year. I also want to acknowledge George Hemmens, chairman of the DCRP, and the Editorial Board, faculty members Gorman Gilbert and David Godschalk and student members Jim Foerster, Wanda Lewis, and Chuck Roe, for their valuable contributions to the publication.

My deepest appreciation goes to the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for their generous grant that allows Carolina Planning to be published semi-annually for the next two years. I would also like to thank the John Parker Trust Fund and the DCRP for their financial contributions to this first issue.


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Water & Sewer Extension Policies as a Technique for Guiding Development

Michael Nugent

Explanation of what conditions are necessary for extension policies to guide development. Article focuses on funding mechanisms, legal considerations and political authority, connection fees, moratoria and annexation options in North Carolina.

A Comparison of Land Use Legislation in Western North Carolina & Vermont

Benjamin Orsbon

Documents rise of the recreation industry and the environmental & social effects of rural encroachment in the two areas. Compares design of state land use legislation and evaluates their effectiveness over the last five years.

Is North Carolina Ready for Community-Based Corrections?

Marilyn Sandorf

Discusses current operations of the juvenile correction system, overviews the community-based corrections model, lists constraints in its application, and encourages benefit-cost analysis in its use.

Using Land Treatment for Municipal Wastewater Disposal

Winston Harrington

Overviews land treatment process in wastewater disposal, compares costs of various treatment options, discusses environmental and social impacts, and identifies potential land use effects of treatment options.

Coastal Area Management Act: Regional Planning for the State’s Coastal Areas

Arthur Cooper and Stuart George

Overviews provisions of North Carolina’s Coastal Management Act and outlines enhanced role of citizen planning in that process.

Earnings in North Carolina: An Analysis of the Industrial Mix and Local Effects

Robert Crow and Peter Stroup

Discusses earnings gap between average earnings in North Carolina and the U.S. Calculates industrial mix and local effects to arrive at total earnings gap for all major industries and suggest means to reduce those gaps.

The North Carolina Humble Case and its Impact on Planned Unit Developments

Frederick Carr

Discusses Humble case decision on special use permit process for planned unit developments and outlines impacts of the case on future use of special permits.