Volume 9.1 North Carolina’s Small Cities (1983)

Editors: Karen Barnes, Kathy Evers, Jane Hegenbarth, and Susan Jones

A digital version of this issue is available here.

Abandoned Farmsteads in North Carolina: Lost History & Wasted Housing

Kathleen Southern and Peter Kaplan

The author examines the “abandonment” process of farmsteads, changing settlement patterns, and obstacles to homestead rehabilitation.

Old New Bern Gets A New Look

David Rowland

New Bern’s Planning Director reviews progress in establishing an Historic District Commission, designating a Main Street, improving tax applications and public services, and organizing city-backed loan pools in New Bern.

Building Rural Officials’ Capacity: Circuit Riders and Technical Assistance

Benjamin Coe

The author describes the use of circuit riders for small jurisdictions, using Tug Hill, New York as a case study.

Who Won and Why?: North Carolina’s Small Cities Compete for Block Grant Stakes

Lynne Hollyer

The author discusses CDBG programs, their criteria for eligibility, and characteristics of those successful North Carolina communities.

The Process is More Important Than the Product

Janet Hively

A former Director of Planning in Minneapolis shares her thoughts on decision-making in planning.

Aesthetics and Zoning No Longer Mutually Exclusive

Luther Propst

The author overviews the history of treatment of aesthetic regulations in North Carolina and other states, discusses a recent court decision, and highlights the possible extent of police power on land use in North Carolina.

Can Planners Raise Concerns BEFORE the Flood?

Owen Furuseth and Sallie Ives

The authors examined community attitudes and perceptions of flooding in Charlotte, North Carolina and discuss their findings.

State & Local Programs for Flood Hazard Management in the Southeast

Bruce  Stiftel and Raymond Burby

The authors survey flood hazard mitigation programs in the Southeast and community attitudes toward flooding events and governmental responsibilities.

Understanding the Political and Economic Context of Urban Development

Carla Robinson

This paper brings together the literature of political economy of urban development and the theory of the state that emerged in the late sixties.

Human Services Planning: Familiar Problems, New Solutions

David Guffey

The author examines past accomplishments and future directions in joint planning for human services. Orange County, North Carolina is also presented in a sidebar.

A Bioeconomic Framework for Economic Development

John Haak

The author evaluates a hybrid theory of bioeconomics, describing its structure and applicative framework.